The castle and the medieval town

In the middle of the modern Ostia Antica you'll find the amazing Giulio II's castle, the attached medieval town and the small church of Sant Aurea. It's a particular nice place which is worth vising, at least to have an ice cream or a dinner. Now and then little shows and exhibitions take place there.

Timetable and visit information of the castle

The entrance to the castle is free.

The visit takes place guided by a supervisor, for a maximum of 30 persons at time, in the following times:
- Thursday at 11:00
- Sunday at 11:00 and 12:00

The castle is closed every Monday and in the 1st of May and on the 25th of December.

For schools and organized groups reservation is required by calling +

The castle doesn't have a bar or a restoration point.
Disableds can't access the castle, because the architectonical structure doesn't allow, at this time, such paths.

Address and contacts

Address: Piazza della Rocca - Borgo - 00119 Ostia Antica (Roma)
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